Crowded Elevator Pictures

Short Film Production


Winner - Best Sound - 2018 72 Film Fest Cast: Brianna Lux Jane White Saleh Karaman Justine Hipsky Nina Hsu Tony Lazzeroni Hula (the dog) Crew: Chris Cain Elizabeth Fulton James Jelin Matthew Norton Eric Brooks

Dream Tom

A sketch I wrote and directed - based on arguments that my friend and his wife used to have.


Becca wants to test out her new iPhone! Starring Adriana Trajkovski and Lexi Alioto Sound by Max Nedved, Jr Lights by Wil Ruff Produced by Robby Justiss Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Tony Lazzeroni

Craigslist Ink

Would you accept a free tattoo if you didnt know what it was going to be?


This video is about Devour


Our entry for Story District and DC Shorts' Real to Reel 2017 film competition. Starring: Alex Kazanas, Stephen Wheeler, Melanie Harker, Sean Paul Ellis and Chris Ulrich.

Eyes On

This film made in 72 hours for 72 Film Fest 2017.


Winner - Best Comedy Greenie, Project Greenlight 2015 Starring: Jamal Newman, Reaves McElveen, Xavier Padin, Charlie Visconage, Gabe Peyton, and Catherine Deadman Written by Jamal Newman Filmed, Directed & Edited by Tony Lazzeroni Executive Produced by Brianna Lux Produced by Jamal Newman Sound by Brianna Lux Music by Terique Greenfield

The Party - Director's Cut

When a Dungeons & Dragons party loses their beloved Dungeonmaster, they are forced to find a replacement.

Faire Trade

Winner - Best Writing and Best Use of Costume - 72 Fest, 2016.

Breathing Room

Made for 48 Hour Film Fest, DC, 2015 Starring: Yuliya Malamud, Brianna Lux, Jaci Pulice, Sean Paul Ellis, and Mike Visser.

Miss Fortune

Winner of Best Actress - Brianna Lux - Best Editing, Best Special Effects, and Audience Award - 48 Hour Film Festival, DC, 2014 Starring: Brianna Lux, Mikael Johnson, Matt Berman, Lori Carpenter, Michael Visser, Joanna Tiger, Sean Paul Ellis, Jeff Carpenter, Dan Scolnic, and Gabe Peyton

Made For Each Other

Winner - Best of the Fest, 72 Film Fest 2012 Starring: Mick Sexton, Brianna Lux, Taylor Durant and Mike Visser.

Parental Advisory

Best of the Rest and Audience Award Winner - 72 Fest 2013 Starring: Scott Holden, Brianna Lux, Gabe Peyton, Matt Winterhalter and Dan Scolnic.

Stuck in Neutral

Runner-Up - Speakeasy Shorts, 2014 Starring: Brianna Lux, Justus Hammond, Sean Paul Ellis, John Heiser, Gabe Peyton, Matt Norton, Phil Coppersmith, Jamel Daugherty, Mike Visser, and Carrie Schuettpelz.